Uber unveils plethora of new offerings

Uber unveils plethora of new offerings

From new products like Uber Boat to new locations to expand its services

Uber has announced a range of new services and product updates across Europe, in response to rising demand.

The company is expanding its Reserve, Comfort, and Taxi options, as well as adding a private boat charter in Mykonos, to its app. 

Following the launch of Uber Flights in the UK recently, Uber Boat is the latest travel offering as part of Uber’s vision to help customers ‘Go Anywhere’. 

It will offer visitors a “one-of-a-kind opportunity” to request a luxury vessel at the tap of a button in the app. Travellers will now be able to experience the island by sea with speedboats accommodating up to eight people from several pick-up and drop-off points in Mykonos.

It follows the launch of trains, hotels and experiences available to book directly via the Uber app.

In addition to that, the company has also rolled out Uber Reserve from until the end of October. This allows you to book rides anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 days in advance with a locked-in price.

Paired with Uber’s flight-tracking technology, using Uber Reserve will ensure travellers have a car waiting when they land, even if flights are delayed.

Anabel Diaz, vice president, head of EMEA mobility of Uber, said: “We’re expecting tourism across Europe to reach record figures this summer. 

“That is why we’re launching Uber services across dozens of European vacation destinations - from Uber Reserve, allowing travellers to book up to 90 days in advance to Uber Boat, a splashy new experience that will make Mykonos more memorable than ever before. 

“With this expansion, we’re able to meet our customers where they’re headed and make travel more seamless and stress-free.”

This move will see Uber Taxi launch in a few destinations including Santorini and Mykonos, while Uber Comfort will be live across Corfu, Mykonos, Santorini and Rhodes. 

The company will launch in two of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations with Uber Comfort, Reserve and Uber Van now available in Majorca and Uber Black in Tenerife, ahead of the expected boom in summer travel across Europe. Uber will also integrate Taxi services into its app in both locations. 

In France, Uber is launching along the French Atlantic coast, from Basque cities Biarritz and Saint-Jean-de-Luz, to La Baule and Le Touquet in the south of Brittany. 

Uber Berline, the most premium product the company has will also launch in Bordeaux.

While Uber is live across the Algarve coast, with a wide portfolio of products, it plans to branch out into Italy’s “newest hotspots”, Sicily and Sardinia, as well as deliver its services across Croatia’s coastal cities of Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Rijeka and the island of Pag.