Tripadvisor launches pilot episode of visual travel guide on Amazon Prime

Tripadvisor launches pilot episode of visual travel guide on Amazon Prime

The Wanderer has been produced by the travel reviews site's in-house creative studio Wanderlab

by Aidan Poole

Wanderlab, Tripadvisor’s in-house creative studio, has released the pilot episode of the brand’s limited series on Amazon Prime.

The Wanderer series follows travellers around the globe as they explore international destinations, meaning each episode acts as a long-form visual travel guide.

The pilot is available in multiple markets, including the US and UK, through the Prime Video steaming service.

Each destination features a different presenter, bringing independent and unique voices to each episode.

The series also offers commercial sponsorship opportunities for destination management organizations (DMOs) and advertisers across platforms.

The first episode was created alongside a media partnership with the Türkiye Tourism Promotion and Development Agency, featuring British travel TV presenter Alex Outhwaite as she takes viewers through Türkiye’s culinary scenes, landmarks, and cultural experiences.

Outhwaite spends time with locals and fellow travellers in the pilot on her way from Istanbul’s Beyoğlu neighbourhood to the waters of Siğacik in Izmir.

The Wanderer’s featured destinations are informed by Tripadvisor’s traveller intent data and insights from real world explorers.

Christine Maguire, vice president and general manager of media at Tripadvisor, said: “We launched The Wanderer to give destinations a bold and compelling new way to reach prospective visitors outside the Tripadvisor platform as we explore the power of travel programming on platforms like Prime Video.”

“No one knows the world’s experience seekers like we do and we’re excited about using Tripadvisor’s traveller guidance to help creators produce unique travel guides that showcase the best of these destinations.”

Each episode will be advertised on Prime Video through paid media placements and on Tripadvisor through paid and organic media.

Additional episodes of The Wanderer are in production and will be released in coming weeks.