Group outlines future growth strategies Group outlines future growth strategies

AI Travel Assistant TripGenie tipped as technology gamechanger

After a year of unprecedented growth, Group has shared its strategic vision with representatives from more than 50 countries and regions at the Envision 2024 Global Partner Conference.

Held in the Chinese capital of Shanghai, the conference focused on the forward-looking theme of ‘Charting the Next Chapter of Our Growth Together’, revealing pivotal trends and opportunities that will drive the travel industry forward.

When the 1,600 partners in attendance were asked to consider that as the industry enters a period of rapid growth post-pandemic, what might come next, future areas of growth were a hot topic of conversation.

The sustained investment in innovation and technological advancements emerged as a pivotal strategy, with a particular emphasis on the transformative potential of AI.

James Liang, Co-founder and Chairman of Group, highlighted the key role innovation played in remaining at the forefront of the travel industry.

He cited TripGenie,’s AI travel assistant, as one of the innovative ways technology can revolutionise the travel planning and booking process.

“Every industry needs to innovate and so does the travel industry. We are constantly innovating in terms of efficiency, quality, customer service and even marketing,” he said. 

“For instance, AI such as TripGenie can enhance customer service and marketing by integrating technology and content, to provide the best value to our customers.

Liang emphasised AI’s widespread impact on the travel industry, boosting productivity, enhancing customer service, and providing users with highly personalised travel recommendations.

For example,’s AI-curated lists provide travellers with the top-ranked offerings as well as the best deals, which enables a higher level of personalisation at every stage of the travel journey, with AI as a powerful enabler. Group CEO Jane Sun touched on the growth it had seen in 2023. Last year alone, it had 100% international growth year-on-year with the first quarter of 2024 off to a strong start, with generating revenue with more than 80% growth year-on-year.

Plans were shared for significant investments in the Asia-Pacific region, and further expansion into the rest of the world, positioning the company to capitalise on global opportunities.

Sustainability was also another key theme, with Group integrating strong ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) commitments into its business goals. These ESG initiatives include promoting low-carbon travel options, supporting family-friendly policies, and community revitalisation, all to ensure mutual benefits for customers, partners, and the wider community.