Travelogix unveils sustainability intregration with Thrust Carbon

Travelogix unveils sustainability intregration with Thrust Carbon

It will extend its sustainability suite with a new calculator

From February 1, the partnership between Travelogix, 

Travel data management and analytics firm Travelgenix have reaveled its strategic partnership with sustainability solutions provider Thrust Carbon.

Together the two firms will deliver two solutions to its travel management agency customers.

Travelogix will integrate the Thrust Carbon Calculator into its platforms, extending its sustainability suite. 

This enhancement will provide its customers with a broader range of sustainability reporting methodologies, including options from DEFRA to ICAO, ICAO+, IATA and Thrust Carbon. 

The partnership will automate the process of transferring clean travel data to Thrust Carbon directly from the Travelogix system. 

This automation streamlines the data-sharing process to enable yearly targeting, carbon budgeting and reduction recommendations.

New sustainability reporting will allow Travelogix clients to have access to actionable insights to faciliate more informed decision-making.

Early adopters of these integrations will be TMC Munckhof Business Travel, which will spearhead the use of the Thrust Carbon Calculator, while Norad Travel, a UK TMC, will debut the automated data handoff functionality. 

Kit Aspen, founder of Thrust Carbon, said: “With this partnership, Travelogix TMCs and Customers will have the data to reduce carbon emissions by 1 million tonnes a year by 2030, while continuing to meet their business goals.

“Too often a lack of great sustainability data is all that is holding a business back from emissions reduction, so commitments & partners from industry trailblazers such as Travelogix is key to putting the world on a more sustainable path."

Chris Lewis, founder and CEO of Travelogix, said: “For some time, we have been eager to improve our sustainability reporting. We wanted to go beyond the current limitations that Defra reporting serves up to the business travel community.

“This is why the integration project with Thrust Carbon was an absolute must due to the complexities and accuracies of the data for interested TMCs.

“Realising early on that Thrust Carbon was the go-to partner, this link-up has been a key ingredient for advancing our capabilities in the world of sustainability reporting.

Anna McGurk, operations director of Norad Travel, said: "Through our collaboration with Travelogix and Thrust Carbon, we're revolutionising the way essential travel data is integrated. 

"This simplifies our workflow immensely, allowing us at Norad Travel, to enrich the value we deliver to our clients."

She added: "It's a transformative step forward, not just for us but for the entire travel industry, as we move towards more sustainable and environmentally conscious travel management practices.”