TravelgateX data reveals Q1 marketplace trends

TravelgateX data reveals Q1 marketplace trends

It features increases in the ADR and the average length of the stays

TravelgateX has revealed data from its marketplace that shows trends for the first quarter of 2024.

The analysis of the data of Q1 illustrates the reshaping preferences of global travellers.

It spotlights the predominant trends in nationalities and destinations chosen by the international nomads.

Hotel bookings indicate that American, British, Spanish, Chinese and Brazilian tourists top the charts with the most transactions on its platform. 

Notably, Chinese tourists have climbed the ranks, breaking into the top five and outpacing the Italian market.
Emerging trends suggest that domestic tourism holds steadfast for Americans with a 17% rise in the Average Daily Rate (ADR), while Indonesia emerges as the second most-booked destination, boasting a 112% increase in the ADR from the previous year.

British travellers show a preference for Spain and the United States, with average stays of 5.8 and 4.6 nights, respectively, where both price points and stay durations are on an upward trajectory, especially in domestic tourism and trips to Portugal.

Spaniards exhibit a strong inclination for short, internal getaways with a boost in the ADR of up to 20%. Travel within the European continent remains their major trend.

The data also underscores Chinese tourists dispersing their journeys among the United Arab Emirates, the United States, and Thailand, typically staying less than three nights at each locale against the backdrop of up to a 75% price surge compared to the previous year.

It also found that Brazilian domestic tourism will witness a 35% increase in rates and a 25% rise in average length of stay. By March, group travels subside, making way for couple retreats.

The report delineates the onset of the year marked by increases in the ADR and the average length of the stays where domestic tourism prevails, with a particular focus on couple travels.