Travellanda adds 18,000 activities to trade portfolio

Travellanda adds 18,000 activities to trade portfolio

Additions span 678 destinations in 132 countries Continue reading

More than 18,000 activities have been added by wholesale travel firm Travellanda to its portfolio of 300,000 hotels.

The activities, which are bookable online by agents and operators, span 678 destinations in 132 countries

They include conventional sightseeing excursions as well as balloon and dune buggy rides, submarine safaris, sunset cruises, pub crawls, walking tours tasting street food, cooking and cocktail-making classes.

Head of sales and marketing, Denise Atkinson, said: “It’ the wonderful and unusual things one sees and does when travelling that make the journey memorable.

“So, I am delighted Travellanda is now able to help tour operators and travel agents put together a much more comprehensive and engaging travel experience for their clients.

“I am also confident that when they do so, they will simultaneously improve both customer satisfaction and revenue.”

Head of online, Arzu Sutcu, added: “It is often said that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. We are thrilled to expand Travellanda offer and to help our partners create a complete and captivating journey.

“It isn´t just the hotels and the transport but the fabulous experiences on the trip that we are now able to provide, from diving with white sharks in South Africa to making a digestive liqueur on a farm in Majorca.”