The Kilroy Group renews agreement with Sabre for efficiency and experience

The Kilroy Group renews agreement with Sabre for efficiency and experience

Services will help customer shopping, including payments and post-booking automation

Sabre Corporation (NASDAQ: SABR), a leading software and 

GDS and travel technology firm Sabre has announced that the Kilroy Group, a European hybrid multibrand travel agency, have agreed a multi-year renewal.

The Kilroy Group will now leverage Sabre Bargain Finder Max, Sabre Automation Hub and Sabre Direct Pay to advance its business from shopping, post-booking automation and payments.

Sabre Bargain Finder Max (BFM) was already in use by the travel agency and will continue to provide B2C customers with the most suitable travel options and comparison in seconds.

Sabre Direct Pay will be used to "enhance" Kilroy International’s payment system, providing payment consolidation and flexibility. 

The partnership anticipates it will make Kilroy's financial transactions "more secure and efficient".

Kilroy Group’s Director, Air + Rail,

Pernille Vaupel, director, Air + Rail, of Kilroy Group, said, “Kilroy expects to leverage Sabre’s expertise, their commitment to deliver future proof solutions and cutting-edge technology, so we confidently can focus on our core mission: to provide unparalleled life-changing travel experiences for our customers”.

The agreement is a sign of Sabre’s ongoing dedication to the European travel marketplace, proving its role as a leader in the industry through cutting-edge technology solutions.

Sabre’s support of the Kilroy Group with these sophisticated tools is an example of the company’s commitment to improving the capabilities of its partners, ensuring that they remain competitive in a constantly changing travel environment.

Constantine Hallax, managing director for OTAs of Sabre, said, “The renewal with the Kilroy Group is a significant step in our continued expansion across Europe.

“Using our technology, we are helping our partners such as Kilroy to improve their operational efficiencies and payment solutions, which is crucial for responding to the ever-changing requirements of today’s travel industry.”