‘On demand’ sales agent solution offered by Travel Solutions Network

‘On demand’ sales agent solution offered by Travel Solutions Network

Outsourced homeworkers can provide support during peaks or holiday cover  

A cloud computing-equivalent for sales support is to be provided by home working group Travel Solutions Network (TSN).

A group of homeworkers trained by tech firm TProfile will be offered to partners when needed to maximise staff efficiency and reduce costs. 

The new ‘on demand’ sales agent solution offers agents the same efficiencies as shared server space. 

TSN staff can be used as a permanent part of a sales team or can be brought in to cover peak periods, campaigns or provide holiday cover. 

Agents and administrators access TProfile via cloud logins, allowing it to be accessed securely from anywhere in the world.

TSN, founded in 2022 by Lindsey and Garry Winterburn, allows homeworkers to operate their own book of customers, but to also maximise income by signing up to work in the business sales support team, which provides sales support to a range of travel businesses.

This provides customers with access to a team of experienced agents fully trained on the TProfile system to manage and respond to both online and call enquiries but on a more flexible basis, as staff will either work for other companies or themselves when not required.

Lindsey Winterburn said: “TSN’s model allows our homeworkers to have certainty of monthly income while they continue to build business from their own book of customers. 

“Of course, we need to roster hours in advance for our partners but in effect we have at least 2-3 homeworkers for every virtual sales support role, allowing a much greater degree of flexibility compared to traditional call centre environments, allowing our staff to flex hours to suit them, but still meet travel partners staffing needs”.

TProfile chief executive Tony Evans said: “In previous years, travel companies operated their own server storage facilities, which were always under-utilised outside of peak times.  

“Fast forward to today, and the majority of businesses now use cloud-based solutions providing cost effective shared server space, scalability, security, and only paying for what they need when they need it. 

“This new ‘on demand’ sales agent solution, offers the same efficiencies for managing quotes and dealing with phone enquires.”

He added: “We now have over 80 brands using our services and applications, so this partnership provides an excellent fit. 

“The cyclical nature of travel demand throughout the year makes it hard to match resource with demand, particularly for short spikes. Having a TProfile trained support team to call upon can only add value to the TProfile offering.”