Kayak launches Travel Trends tool based on billions of search results

Kayak launches Travel Trends tool based on billions of search results

Flight search website says tool can be used by trade as well as consumers to stay on top of hot destinations.

Kayak has launched a new Trends Tool which will allow customers and travel agents to shop around for the best times to fly to destinations worldwide.

Users can choose their origin and destination airports and see how the average prices have changed and demand has differed to hundreds of destinations.

The data, gleaned from Kayak’s 1.5 billion search results each year, goes as far back as January 2014 and also predicts prices in the future – as far in advance as December 2018.

Announcing the new tool, Kayak released data that shows flights from London to Melbourne can cost up to £363 less in May (£586) compared to December, when flights will cost an average of £949 – saving savvy shoppers 38%.

Long haul flights saw the biggest savings, but Kayak also says cheaper flights to popular short haul destinations can be found using its tool. Far, in Portugal, for example, would be 67% cheaper in November than August – down from £117 to £59 – it found.

Users can also scour the site for trends among hotels and car hire. It is designed to be user-friendly but Kayak says adding layers can help people make more in-depth findings.

Kayak travel expert Suzanne Perry said: “We’ve always had great tools to help travellers plan and manage their travel,. and now we are putting all of this insight into their hands so they can plan the perfect break at the right time, and save themselves some cash in the process.”

She told Travolution: “It’s like a dynamic version of close your eyes and stick a pin on a map.”

Perry said the free tool can also be a feature used by travel agents – as well as consumers – to spot the up-and-coming destinations before they become too commercialised or over-subscribed.

“Travel agents always want to be on the cutting edge of what’s going on in the industry when it comes to travel trends and year-on-year prices. The Trends Tool puts the power in their hands.”

Kayak’s data shows that higher demand does not always correspond with higher prices, with new routes launched by airlines believed to be among the reasons prices may drop to popular destinations at peak times.

Perry plucked out Icelandic capital Reykjavik as an example. It has seen a 371% increase in searches from July 2016 to May this year while average prices for flights from London have dropped from £328 to £87.

“For some destinations, like maybe New York, you might not mind what time of the year you travel,” added Perry. “The city is beautiful all year round so you might look at visiting in the autumn rather than the summer. But it can save you hundreds of pounds.

“If you can be totally flexible, it can save you a fortune. Even month to month savings can be significant. It’s a nice way to be a little bit more tactical about where you want to go to get the best deal.”