ITB 2024: Group reveals results from personalisation work

ITB 2024: Group reveals results from personalisation work

AI asssistant TripGenie has doubled the order conversion rate Group reiterated commitment to "reshaping" travel experiences through innovation at last week's ITB Berlin.

With a special focus on AI, personalisation, and meeting the evolving needs of global travellers, Schubert Lou, chief operating officer of, delved into the burgeoning realm of experiential travel and AI's "pivotal" role in customising journeys to individual preferences.

He highlighted a shift towards more "meaningful and immersive" travel experiences, emphasising the growing interest in festivals and unique cultural events among young adventurers. 

Lou said: "In a world where travel is increasingly about the depth of experience, is leading the charge, harnessing AI to craft journeys that resonate deeply and personally with each individual. Our technology is not just about facilitating travel; it's about enriching lives and creating memories that last far beyond the return flight.” 

He went on to share its engagement statistics for its AI asssistant TripGenie. The itinerary planning tool has led to users spending an average of 20 minutes more on the app on days they interact with it, securing nearly 1 million inquiries to date. 

The firm says this has doubled the order conversion rate and improved user retention rates.

The recent launch of the Trip.Vision app in the US, which leverages Apple Vision Pro technology, is said to be another example of the group's "innovative" approach to travel, by offering immersive experiences of global destinations.

Boon Sian Chai, managing director and vice president for international markets, also spoke at ITB Berlin, where he highlighted, among other initiatives, travel packages that deliver increasingly personalised hotel guest experiences.'s Hotel Rooms Plus X merges stays with custom experiences with travellers' personal interests. 

He said: "This approach marks a new era where every hotel stay is transformed into a personalised journey, deeply connected to each traveller's individual tastes and interests," he said.

Chai revealed trends shaping the hospitality sector included AI-enhanced search features like's AI-ranking lists Trip.Best, Trip.Trends and Trip.Deals as these offer personalised travel and accommodation suggestions fine-tuned by over 100 million user reviews and curated by market experts.

He noted that live-streaming, a format that gained traction during the pandemic, has become a mainstay in driving hotel bookings. 

Aside from this, the group has been working on enhancing travel experiences across Europe through strategic collaborations with its network of partners spanning flights, hotels, trains, tours, attractions and payment services. 

Each market has been tailored to meet the preferences of local travellers, and its market-specific solutions have proved to be "instrumental" in driving growth across the continent for the firm.

Andy Washington, general manager for Europe of Group, said: “Our growth in Europe reflects our commitment to bespoke travel experiences. In the dynamic landscape of the travel industry, innovation and technology adoption are propelled by a powerful alliance between consumers and businesses. 

"At Group, we prioritise deploying technology that directly enriches the consumer experience, streamlining and personalising every aspect of travel. This approach is especially pertinent in Europe's varied market, where meeting diverse traveller needs are paramount.”

The firm also revealed that since China's extension of its visa-free policy to citizens of seven European nations, it's seen a surge in bookings from these countries to China, with flight reservations up by almost 200% and hotel and train bookings by nearly 300%, compared to the same period in February 2023.