Dolphin Dynamics streamlines Expedia TAAP accommodation bookings with automated booking capture module

Dolphin Dynamics streamlines Expedia TAAP accommodation bookings with automated booking capture module

Leading travel technology company Dolphin Dynamics has unveiled a new tool to simplify the process of handling Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program (TAAP) accommodation bookings. 

This new module enhances "efficiency, data quality and accuracy" for travel companies using the Dolphin back-office platform.

Users can now capture bookings made on the Expedia TAAP website, saving time and reducing the chances of manual entry errors. 

Loading data using the booking capture module takes only a few seconds, and it automatically adds the required vendor details into the Dolphin platform. 

The tool can even re-capture bookings that have been cancelled or updated, such as changes in dates or room types, ensuring that the latest information is always reflected in the Dolphin platform.

“We are excited about this strategic agreement with Dolphin Dynamics, which we believe will create efficiencies for our travel partners,” said Robin Lawther, VP of Expedia TAAP. 

“We continuously strive to enhance and simplify the experience for travel agent partners and, through this API integration, Dolphin Dynamics clients can now easily access and manage their Expedia TAAP bookings.”

Gareth Pilkington from Osprey Holidays, one of the first customers to adopt the new module, said: “The Expedia TAAP booking capture has been well received by all our reservations team as it speeds up the booking process, makes the documents more accurate and helps them get on to the next enquiry and booking more quickly. It is a welcome addition to our workflow.”

Mark Standage, manager of automation development of North America Travel Service, said: “Having seen our business with Expedia TAAP grow in a big way we were grateful to get access to the Expedia import tool with Dolphin. 

"We find that it improves the speed and accuracy of loading hotel segments. Use of the pricing engine in conjunction with this tool also aids with loading of the commission due.”

Dolphin Dynamics 

Chuck Richardson, MD of Dolphin Dynamics, said: “We are constantly looking at ways to make regular tasks easier and more efficient for our customers.

"Streamlining the job to seamlessly import Expedia TAAP bookings without manual entry effort also helps ensure quality and consistency of data for Dolphin users.”