New visa application technology launched by Swiss start-up Viselio

New visa application technology launched by Swiss start-up Viselio

Data entered for previous trips can be used for future applications

Swiss start-up Viselio has developed software to simplify visa application procedures for travellers and tour operators.

The digital visa service enables the integration of profile data into the ‘Visa Panel’ where current data can be stored and made accessible for the company. Data will be automatically synchronized through the API and information already entered for previous trips will be saved to the system.

This would allow for data that has been entered for a China visa can be retrieved and used for a trip to Russia, for example.

Travellers can now store and edit personal information from previous visa applications saved to their Viselio profile, that only people authorized have access to. The system will also notify the traveller when a passport or documents expire.

When applying for the visa, basic settings can be pre-set to make the process quicker.

When processing the visa, TMC’s or travel companies always have access to valid visas of their employees or customers. In turn, applications created by Viselio can be seen and completed by the user.

The company will still work with third-party solutions on request but will no longer sync directly from the traveller’s profile to the visa application, but alternate between their own profile and the third-party.

“We wanted to offer a new, exciting and simple solution for companies and TMCs that don’t have their own profiling solution. Now we can offer companies even better service,” said Niklas Zeller, Viselio founder.

Zeller is also proud of the new group tool, which simplifies tour operator’s ability to obtain a visa for travel groups. The tool can import a list of participants from a company and define the matching fields for the entire group in one step.

Zeller commented: “Organizing visas for travel groups has in the past taken up a lot of resources.

“Thanks to our new group tool, the organizer can create and manage travel groups, request the entire group to obtain visas and automate the process at the touch of a button.

“The data can be easily imported. Information, for example the hotel address of the group, only has to be entered once for the whole group.”

The company is represented in five European markets including the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France and markets in Sweden and the Netherlands will be launched by the end of July.