Group adventure specialist WeRoad unveils latest booking trends

Group adventure specialist WeRoad unveils latest booking trends

Italy, Jordan and Costa Rica are top for Millennials in 2024 so far

Specialist small group adventure travel operator for solo millennials, WeRoad, has unveiled its latest booking data which shows that Italy’s Amalfi Coast, Jordan and Costa Rica are the top three destinations booked in January 2024.

Clarissa Cappelletti, UK Country Manager of WeRoad, is overseeing the travel company’s expansion in the UK following the success of the brand in Italy. 

She said: “There are around 8.82 million millennials in the UK, which represents 13.6% of the total population.

"Our trips are targeted towards this demographic, as we realise that they are looking for something altogether different when it comes to travel: they are looking to maximise their holiday allowance whilst living life changing adventures, meeting new people and immersing themselves into different cultures, whilst benefiting from a thoughtfully structured trip guided by one of our travel coordinators. 

"This safety net enables them to explore and discover new places whilst meeting new, like-minded people."

She added: "We know that this cohort of the population is more into spending money on experiences, rather than buying material goods and so we are predicting a strong year for the industry, based on our initial bookings so far in January.”

WeRoad booking data so far this year shows that the Amalfi Coast in Italy, Jordan and Costa Rica are the top three destinations on 15%, 11.5% and 9% respectively, followed by Japan, Portugal, Cuba and Sri Lanka each taking 4.5% of bookings.  

The rest of the top ten are made up of New Zealand, India and Iceland at 3.5% each.

Cappelletti said: “In many ways, Italy represents ‘La Dolce Vita’ way of life and the Amalfi Coast is one of the most glamorous holiday destinations in the world - showcased by celebrities like Alexa Chung who post pictures of their trips on Instagram. 

"So, it is of real appeal to our experience-seeking customers, which is why we think that our Amalfi Coast trip is our number one destination so far in January.

"Costa Rica’s eco-credentials, combined with its rainforested Caribbean and Pacific coastlines and vibrant wildlife, make it a must for millennial travellers who want to broaden their horizons, so we understand why it made our top three.”

WeRoad data released also showed which of its featured destinations are most viewed on its website, in comparison to the previous two week period, in which Iceland was up 86%, Japan up 100% and Bali up 91%.

Overall, the most searched terms were European destinations, last minute planning and Asian destinations.