River cruise start-up Crui.se reaches £1M in revenue in first year

River cruise start-up Crui.se reaches £1M in revenue in first year

The team has grown to seven employees too

Online river cruise specialist Crui.se has reached £1 million in revenue, less than twelve months from its launch.

Founded in June, 2023, by Dan Roche and Daniel Travis-Brown, the Manchester-based startup has redefined the river cruising booking experience.

Crui.se - which has personalised river cruise offerings across the Danube, Douro, Mekong, and Nile - has grown its team to seven people over the last year, including two cruise consultants, two web developers, and three content writers. 

The site features over 300 unique itinerary pages designed to inspire and inform holidaymakers about potential river cruising adventures.

The platform features bespoke search functionality that simplifies finding and customising river cruise experiences. 

This feature allows users to effortlessly navigate through choices and personalise their journey, ensuring the planning process is as stress-free as the trip itself.

Dan Roche, co-founder of Crui.se said: "Surpassing £1 million in our first year is a testament to our dedicated team and innovative approach to the river cruise market. 

"We are driven by a commitment to making the booking experience as seamless and enjoyable as the journeys we help create."

Crui.se is continually enhancing its online offering, with plans to expand in-depth ship details and other site features to assist customers in making informed decisions. This customer-centric approach is bolstered by its inclusion in the Hays Travel Independence Group, which enhances its booking capabilities and deal offerings.

"Every booking from our platform not only promises an unforgettable river cruise but also contributes to a greater cause, with £20 from each booking donated to Alzheimer's Research," added Roche.