Reed & Mackay reveals first enhancement to its booking platform

Reed & Mackay reveals first enhancement to its booking platform

Global TMC begins rollout of new user interface and functionality as part of ongoing investment in its proprietary booking platform R&M/Book

Reed & Mackay Unveils First in a Series of Enhancements to Its Booking Platform for Richer and Better-Connected Shopping & Travel Experiences for Users

Global TMC begins rollout of new user interface and functionality as part of ongoing investment in its proprietary booking platform R&M/Book

Will enable business travel bookers and travellers with intuitive access to a wide range of airline content to make better purchase decisions from a single global view

Global TMC Reed & Mackay has started the rollout of its next-generation proprietary booking platform, R&M/Book. 

As part of the rollout, the new booking tool interface will be designed to make the shopping experience feel "more intuitive", the firm said.

Enhancements are designed to better surface the depth of airline data and content available to businesses and travellers, for informed decisions that drive cost effectiveness and better experiences for travellers.   

Intuitive navigation within the tool is evolving to make it even easier to compare, book, and make informed decisions on a wide range of options for the traveller — all within the customisable parameters of each client’s individual travel programme policies. These options, all managed from a single portal, will include pricing, sustainability, and flight experiences within a single portal view.

 The enhanced benefits of the new of R&M/Book include the ability to have a single aggregated view of comparisons across flight schedules and fare options to make the smartest and most cost-effective purchase decisions.  

It has instant visibility and intuitive navigation of rich fare attributes from seat maps to in-flight entertainment and Wi-Fi to ensure a better travel experience.  

A snapshot view of the changes and cancellation rules are another feature, including cancellation fees for individual travellers to ensure travel bookers have all the information they need to make informed decisions. 

Following significant investment in accelerating Reed & Mackay’s product and engineering teams, as well as extensive client consultation, the enhancements to the R&M/Book platform demonstrates the business’ ongoing commitment to continuous innovation.  

Further enhancements from the Global TMC will follow over the course of the year. Clients are being offered early access to the latest version, with ongoing consultation through the rollout.   

Fahim Khan, global director of product of Reed & Mackay, said: “We are all extremely proud of the technology advancements our team has been delivering. 

"We have a truly cutting-edge booking platform, built on a vision to create an expansive shop front for business travel. 

"A connected, omni-channel shopping experience is available to our growing, global client base — whichever way they decide to book and manage their travel programme with us.   

“Not only does the ease-of-use rival disruptors, it also demonstrates our maturity within the market as we continue to build in close consultation with our clients,” Khan said. 

“Everything has been designed to deliver better experiences, value and long-term cost effectiveness for our clients.”  

Fred Stratford, CEO of Reed & Mackay, said: “We’re in a new era of Reed & Mackay. We have doubled-down on our client-centric focus, expanded our product teams, and are delivering innovation at pace to create connected experiences that delight. 

"When you get the chance to integrate 60 years of unrivalled service excellence with a truly innovative booking platform, we are confident we are delivering what clients require.”