Maiden Voyage launches COVID-19 e-learning module for female business travellers

Maiden Voyage launches COVID-19 e-learning module for female business travellers

Modules offers tips and advice on how to keep safe while travelling for work

Specialist female business traveller network Maiden Voyage has launched new COVID-19 safety e-learning.

The organisation said the service will provide advice for firms on how to support people who are required to travel for their work.

The e-learning is aimed at both travellers and employers and offers practical advice to ensure the mental and physical wellbeing of travellers as well as their colleagues and loved-ones.

Maiden Voyage said the e-learning will give travellers a better understanding of what to expect during their journey as well as tips on how to identify and mitigate risks.

The e-learning modules also come with a Managers Assistance Handbook to help employers to support the mental, physical and practical needs of their employees whilst also safeguarding their organisations.

Carolyn Pearson, chief executive of Maiden Voyage, said “Whilst global travel remains volatile, it is only a matter of time before some modicum of business travel resumes and employers need to be prepared in order to protect their business travellers in this ‘new normal’.

“Duty of care has never been so prolifically at the front of minds for employers and we believe that our new module will provide a simple solution to the challenges around global mobility”.

The e-learning is being offered in a variety of formats so that it can plug into travel apps and online learning management systems and comes with reporting and analytics to allow employers to mandate the training if needed.