Fyle announces integration with American Express in the US

Fyle announces integration with American Express in the US

New B2B payments collaboration provides Fyle users with even more ways to make payments

Expense management platform Fyle has announced a new integration with American Express to offer US business and corporate card Members the ability to issue on-demand virtual Cards via the Fyle platform, with built-in controls, and enhanced security. 

To achieve this integration, Fyle - a firm  thatworks with customers’ existing credit cards - is participating in the American Express Sync Commercial Partner Program.

“We are teaming up with American Express to give our customers access to the control, enhanced security, and cash flow management that come with using an American Express virtual Card, alongside the ability to automate receipt tracking, credit card reconciliation, and expense accounting with Fyle,” said Yashwanth Madhusudhan, co-founder and CEO of Fyle. 

With it, customers with an American Express business or corporate card can issue unlimited virtual Cards linked to their existing physical cards using Fyle. 

This will allow them stablish specific controls for each on-demand virtual Card, including spending limits and expiration dates as well as pay suppliers using virtual cards and take advantage of its American Express billing cycle to manage cash flow for business until its Card payment is due.

It will be able to receive real-time transaction data and notifications via text messages to maximise visibility.

Automation of receipt collection will be possible, which will make reconciliation faster with Fyle’s expense management platform.

Customers can benefit from paying with enhanced security by enabling employees, freelancers, and subcontractors to make payments on its behalf without sharing their physical card details.

“The integration helps us provide an elevated user experience and more value to our customers," added Madhusudhan.