Caxton offers currency card for frequent travellers

Caxton offers currency card for frequent travellers

Payable account offers fee-free spending and ‘market-leading exchange rates’

International payments and foreign exchange firm Caxton has launched a new membership account for frequent travellers.

Caxton Red offers fee-free spending in the UK and overseas, claims “market-leading exchange rates”, and offers reward points that can be redeemed against foreign currencies and sterling.

The £5 per month account offers a (prepaid) currency card and an international payments facility of up to £25,000 of foreign exchange or pounds to spend and send worldwide.

Caxton’s chief operating officer Alana Parsons said: “Caxton Red is designed for frequent travellers who want to enjoy spending abroad at no extra cost, whilst earning rewards when they are in the UK.

“A lifestyle that crosses borders can be complicated, especially when it comes to managing personal finances, we’ve got this covered with one hassle-free account that’s with you everywhere you go.”