New Europcar web tool to deliver premium customer experience

New Europcar web tool to deliver premium customer experience

It provides access to a suite of tools for breakdown, incident and vehicle support

Car rental company Europcar Mobility Group UK has rolled out a new web-based customer assistance tool.

The new tool that provides access to incident support and breakdown assistance, will be available to all customers.

It also offers vehicle support, such as definitions of warning lights and information on the specific make and model of the vehicle they’re driving.

Customers can scan a QR code or type in a web address on their mobile or desktop device to gain access to the suite of tools. 

Dedicated to “continually improving its customer service tools, technology, staff and training”, the company, has implemented the tool so that customers can use it to get assistance if they are involved in an incident or breakdown or have issues with tyres or glass, such as a cracked windscreen. 

They can also use the tool to report damage that was unrecorded prior to the start of the rental.

After the car has been returned, the tool can be used to report and reclaim anything that has been accidentally left in the vehicle or rental location.

“We want to make vehicle rental as simple and convenient as possible,” commented Evelyn Tourish, customer experience manager of Europcar Mobility Group UK. 

“This new web tool puts all the information our customers need in the palm of their hand as well as giving them a simple way to instantly report damage, breakdown or an incident. 

In the unlikely event that a customer experiences a breakdown or incident, we believe this instant support will make a significant difference and ensure the customer gets assistance as quickly as possible.”

“We wanted to move with the digital age and deliver the information that we have always previously provided in print or email attachment in an easier way to navigate.

“Providing our customers with this web tool, we are simplifying the rental process while ensuring they still have access to all the information and support they want and need before, during and after they hire a vehicle. 

“Our goal is to provide a superior customer experience and we are delighted to have launched this first phase of the Europcar Assistance web tool. We look forward to hearing what our customers think and working on the next phase of development to further improve every customer’s rental experience.”