Wizz Air and CarTrawler partner on new taxi and private transfers booking platform

Wizz Air and CarTrawler partner on new taxi and private transfers booking platform

Wizz Ride provides a wide range of ground mobility services in the airline’s app

Eastern European airline Wizz Air has launched a new taxi and private transfer booking platform developed in partnership with CarTrawler.

The Dublin-based car rental and mobility B2B tech and solutions provider has integrated its services into the existing Whizz Air app.

Wizz Ride offers users a broad range of travel options to make route planning more efficient by creating a seamless trip, regardless of whether the journey is on-demand or pre-booked.

The service links transportation options together to provide a one-stop-shop for passengers from the moment they leave the house to arriving at their dream destination.

George Michalopoulos, chief commercial officer at Wizz Air, said: “As we endeavour to provide a stress-free customer journey, we are always looking to introduce new services that offer great customer experience across all travel stages.

“The WIZZ Ride product provides convenient ground mobility services for both pre-booking and on-demand requests which allow our customers to save time and money.

“A user-friendly service, introduced in collaboration with CarTrawler, is now available at the touch of a button on Wizz Air’s mobile app.

“We are proud to be the first airline in the world to introduce such an innovative service which paired with our ultra-low fares makes travel easier than ever.”

Aileen McCormack, chief commercial officer at CarTrawler, said: “I am delighted to launch this world-first mobility platform WIZZ RIDE, which will transform the booking experience for its customers and revolutionise the way ancillary products are used by airlines.

“Wizz Air is a value-oriented airline focused on innovation throughout the customer journey. Its mobile-first strategy is a perfect fit for our unique mobility platform and is an important sign of trust amidst a volatile environment for the travel sector.

“WIZZ RIDE is fantastic news for Wizz Air customers who are seeking a one-stop-shop for all their travel needs, and further strengthens our partners’ brand relevance.

“CarTrawler has an unrivalled, expert insight into the industry and is well placed to drive recovery through innovations such as our SDK platform.

“This emphasis on the customer will help rebuild the travel sector and offer strong foundations on which we can all grow and thrive.”