Spotnana partners with Emirates Airlines to deliver direct NDC integration

Spotnana partners with Emirates Airlines to deliver direct NDC integration

Deep direct integration is first to deliver full servicing capabilities to travellers including self-service exchanges, through NDC

Travel-as-a-Service platform Spotnana has revealed it has developed a direct NDC integration with Emirates, the largest airline for international traffic. 

Spotnana's deep direct integration with Emirates' NDC API provides full access to Emirates content, including promotional fares, differentiated pricing for tickets and ancillaries, and surcharge-free content.

Its direct NDC integration with Emirates delivers full servicing capabilities to travellers including self-service exchanges and cancellations.

"We're excited to partner with Emirates, which connects travelers around the world to over 140 destinations, including their global hub in Dubai," said Sarosh Waghmar, Founder and CEO of Spotnana. 

"Our new direct connection with Emirates enables us to keep up with growing demand from our global customer base for NDC content in regions such as the Middle East."

The news sees travellers provided access to exclusive booking classes in Emirates' Business and Economy cabins, which will include differentiated ticket pricing, dedicated early access to promotions, and differentiated fare rules. 

Travellers will also now get exclusive access to ancillary products like extra baggage at "attractive" rates and future Emirates ancillary offerings through NDC.

The direct NDC integration developed by Spotnana also supports self-service cancellations with automated refunds, which are not available through traditional channels, as well as the ability to hold a ticket and make self-service seat changes post-booking.

Agents using Spotnana have access to the same NDC capabilities, resulting in seamless global service delivery and rapid resolution of traveler inquiries.

"We're delighted to be a trusted innovation partner that helps Emirates deliver exceptional travel experiences," said Bill Brindle, VP of content and commercials of Spotnana. 

"Spotnana's Travel-as-a-Service platform was built from the ground up to work with any source of content, including NDC, making it possible for us to build the deepest direct NDC integration to Emirates in record time."