Sabre launches Etihad Airways’ NDC Content

Sabre launches Etihad Airways’ NDC Content

Content available via APIs, Sabre Red 360, and GetThere

Sabre Corporation has revealed Etihad Airways’ New Distribution Capability (NDC) content is now available through Sabre’s global travel marketplace.

The addition of Etihad Airways expands Sabre’s footprint in the EMEA region based NDC airlines and broadens travel agencies’ access to real-time content based on offers and orders.

Initially, the launch will be rolled out to agencies in Oman and Bahrain, allowing them to shop, book, and service the airline’s NDC offers, with a broader rollout to follow.

Travel agencies and corporate buyers can now shop, compare, book and service Etihad’s NDC offers alongside the airline’s traditional options by using APIs, Sabre’s travel agency booking application of Sabre Red 360, and Sabre’s online booking tool, GetThere.

The airline’s NDC content may include more personalised and diverse travel options, richer content, dynamic pricing, and more customized travel solutions that cater to an increasing demand for tailored travel experiences.

"We are excited about the addition of Etihad Airways' NDC content to our travel marketplace, which demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing the content our customers want and the scalable capabilities they need," said Jean-Vincent Teuler, vice president, airline sales for EMEA region of Sabre.

"This initiative highlights our dedication to innovation and to operating a compelling travel marketplace that provides efficient access to multiple sources of content, including NDC.”