PKFARE upgrades its post-ticketing automation API

PKFARE upgrades its post-ticketing automation API

API now covers 300 airlines

PKFARE has announced the significant enhancement of its post-ticketing automation features, enabling automatic verification and pricing for refund requests, and automatic verification for change requests. 

This advanced API now covers nearly 300 airlines, with over 70% of refund requests from a single customer being automatically verified, and the proportion exceeds 50% on the booking portal.

The upgrade "greatly streamlines" the ticket refund and change process, "reducing operational costs for itself and its partners while improving end-user satisfaction".

The firm said while there is a clear demand for post-ticketing automation in the airline industry, the majority of B2B ticketing platforms currently lack support for automated post-processing. 

PKFARE's post-ticketing automation API addresses post-ticketing automation challenges of diverse rules for refunds and changes depending on source and scenario and the accuracy of the existing rules needing improvements, alongside lack of structured descriptions causing interpretation issues.

It plans to overcome this by covering more airlines and business scenarios, and ensuring higher accuracy in interpreting customer rules. 

In addition to integrating existing structured rules from GDS, PKFARE supplements the system by building its own rule database, filling gaps in current rules and correcting inaccuracies in GDS descriptions. 

To enhance rule accuracy, PKFARE structures text rules and utilises OpenAI for rule interpretation, coupled with a correction process to "continuously optimise" AI parsing accuracy. The rule interpretation accuracy has now surpassed 90%.

Building on the existing features, PKFARE will continue to supplement and optimise post-ticketing automation functionality to achieve end-to-end automation of post-ticketing processes. 

The automated change function will then be further upgraded to achieve end-to-end automation of flight inquiries, pricing, and ticketing.