PKFARE launches branded air fares solution

PKFARE launches branded air fares solution

Branded fares of approximately 20 airlines will be available via the PKFARE Flight API

B2B travel marketplace PKFARE, a DerbySoft Company, has unveiled the launch of its branded fares solution.

It will incorporate airlines' branded fares into three distinct tiers - Original, Plus, and Max. 

Branded fares of approximately 20 airlines will be available via PKFARE Flight API, customers will be able to receive various fares and fare attributes in each display.

The Original tier is the most affordable category that provides basic essentials, with additional specific services available upon potential extra costs.

Plus includes a medium-priced choice, potentially inclusive of luggage facilities and the provision for seat selection in advance, specific services might be available at additional fees.

While the Max tier is the supreme fare option that may offer an expanded luggage allowance, priority seat selection, and the likelihood of all-inclusive additional services.

This new initiative will facilitate the up-selling of ancillary services for airlines, but also allow customers to optimise revenue streams and enhance user satisfaction by enabling travellers to have a more transparent booking experience and select the fare package that best fits their preferences and the purpose of their journey.

“PKFARE has consistently listened to the evolving needs of our customers as well as airlines and collaborated with them to meet those needs,” said Jason Sui, senior vice president and co-founder of PKFARE. 

“We are investing to provide our customers with access to a comprehensive range of airline branded fares and to better cater to diverse market preferences, ultimately enhancing their competitiveness in the ever-changing travel industry landscape.”