New last-minute flights startup Runtofly launches in London

New last-minute flights startup Runtofly launches in London

Website for flight deals with departures within 24 hours goes live

UK-based travel startup has launched in London with its online platform for travellers wanting to book flights departing within 24 hours now live. 

Runtofly negotiates with airlines the best price for seats which are still empty close to departure, offering spontaneous travellers the chance to fly cheaper when flying at short notice. 

The British startup's main target audience are leisure travellers who don’t necessarily know where to go or might want some inspiration for their travel destination, as well as students, backpackers and digital nomads.

It currently doesn't have a search functionality but Runtofly is planning to expand its service to include other airports eventually, not just London airports, and beyond the UK too, to add more destinations and deals.

Users can choose from the best available flights to a selection of destinations around the world, which are displayed on a virtual airport departure board.

Federico Grimaccia, founder of Runtofly, said: “Finally there is a marketplace which allows both travellers and airlines to mutually benefit: travellers can get inspiration and save money as long as they are willing to fly at short notice, while airlines have an additional channel to maximize their revenue selling seats that otherwise will most likely go empty.”

“Traditionally buying flights just before departure has been more expensive because airlines tend to embrace the common belief that the only people flying last minute are those who have to fly, either for business or for any emergency, and therefore willing to pay a higher price. 

"However, this way of thinking has led to a pricing strategy that has neglected a multitude of flexible travellers willing to fly even at short notice, providing the price is right.”