to offer increased range of worldwide payment options to offer increased range of worldwide payment options

SafeCharge collaboration enables more than 150 local payment methods

An increased range of payment methods is to be offered by flight search and travel booking firm

A collaboration with payments technology business SafeCharge will provide more than 150 local payment methods.

Juraj Striezenec, chief financial officer at the Czech online travel company, said: “In today’s globalised world, providing a flexible travel platform that can adapt to passengers’ varying travel needs is vital to success.

“To offer the best experience possible to our global customer base, we needed a payments technology provider who not only shared our ambitious mindset, but also possessed a knowledge of cross-border payments.

“By partnering with SafeCharge, we are able to take advantage of a solid payments technology infrastructure that will ultimately enable us to grow and expand into other markets.” payment specialist Natalia Cermskova added: “We were looking for a payment partner able to provide global acquiring with a wide portfolio of global solutions.

“Our partnership with SafeCharge will allow us to offer to our clients more payment products, more currencies and an improved overall customer experience. This is key for a company as that aims to quickly roll out in new markets.”

SafeCharge chief executive David Avgi said: “With digital shopping increasing dramatically in volume, omni-channel experience is becoming a must for the next generation travellers.

“And with the rise of local payment preferences, it is important for merchants to fine-tune their payments strategies to streamline the shopping experience for customers around the world.

“This partnership once again demonstrates the capabilities of our native payments platform as the ideal solution for travel businesses demanding flexible solutions to grow and expand internationally.”