Iberia aims to attract more partners to its NDC channel with Kyte API deal

Iberia aims to attract more partners to its NDC channel with Kyte API deal

Spanish airline says the COVID pandemic has increased customers’ digital expectations

IAG’s Spanish airline Iberia has completed a deal to use the Kyte white label Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) API.

The tie-up will enable retailers and other third parties to connect with Iberia to access its New Distribution Capability offers and fares directly.

Kyte’s sales technology has been developed to support airlines to distribute offers and products both direct to customers and in the indirect channel in an efficient and agile way.

Alice Ferrari, chief executive of Kyte, said: “We are very proud to be one of the first providers of an API to an airline leader such as Iberia.

“Our objective is to help airlines to realise their vision to modernise all of the reservation experience.

“We offer to airlines new and easy to use tools that are designed to meet the current expectations for online sales.

“All of this without compromising the level of sophistication necessary to manage the complexity and security needs that the aviation industry demands.

“Our intention is to develop a strong and long-term relationship with Iberia and see how they take advantage of the great opportunities that NDC offers.”

Miguel Henales, Digital Business Director of Iberia, adds: “The pandemic restrictions have increased consumer expectations and accelerated digital tendencies.

“Thanks to the technology of NDC we can greater satisfy the needs of clients and offer them an optimum service at the time of reserving and then managing their trip.

“Our final objective is to attract more partners to our NDC channel, offering a modern connection like the Kyte API that allows a better distribution of our product.”