Captain Flights launches in Ireland to bring flight deals and insights

Captain Flights launches in Ireland to bring flight deals and insights

The flight deals platform automates discovery of cost-effective flight combinations

Flight deals and travel tech firm Captain Flights has announced it has officially launched in Ireland.

Captain Flights' platform automates the discovery of the most cost-effective flight combinations, enabling businesses to enhance its operations and offer clients “highly competitive” prices.

The platform has already had partnerships with travel websites including Skyscanner, Kayak, Kiwi, and others.

This expansion widens opportunities for travellers and businesses in the Irish travel sector, as Captain Flights will enable users to access real-time insights and competitive pricing.

Ariel Lanis, co-founder of Captain Flights, said: "Our platform has a strong track record of identifying the best flight deals available.

Not only do we find flight price drops, but we also offer a diverse range of live deals catering to a wide spectrum of travellers.

“We ensure that travellers receive these alerts on their preferred communication platforms, providing both convenience and a distinct advantage to our users and industry partners alike."

He added: "Our mission is to provide travellers and industry partners with access to the most competitive fares and real-time insights.

“We believe that everyone deserves affordable travel, and our platform is designed to make this a reality.”

As Captain Flights extends its presence in Ireland, the company said it looks forward to collaborating with travel industry professionals and travellers alike.

The platform's “innovative” approach to monitoring flight prices and providing exclusive insights “will enhance the travel experience and offer cost-effective options.

Its search uncovers an array of destinations and fares including Amsterdam from €30 for a roundtrip with Ryanair December 2023-March 2024, while its detailed comparisons provide a “clear perspective” on price trends, which the firm says highlights noteworthy reductions week-over-week, along with direct links to the latest deals.