ATPCO launches a new community participation tool

ATPCO launches a new community participation tool

The new tool is being offered at no additional cost to all ATPCO Community Participant airlines

ATPCO Launches New Community Participation Tool, Architect Query

ATPCO revealed last week that the more than 440 airlines who are members of its Community Participation programme will now have complimentary access to its new tool, Architect Query. 

Architect Query is a new addition to the Community Participation membership, offering a subset of competitive analysis features found in the company’s premier pricing tool, Architect.

It will give member airlines access to some Architect features such as Market Query and Change Query though a modern UI. 

Airlines wishing to access the full power of Architect with all premium functionalities including streamlined workflows, integrated data updates and advanced price strategy automation will still have to contract the full Architect DSS.

Market Query enables airlines to see a comprehensive overview of competitive public fares and their own airline’s private data, carrier-imposed fees, rules, surcharges, seasonality, and Total Price in one view.

Change Query allows each member airline to monitor changes in public fares, rules, add-ons, and carrier-imposed fees through the tool, or by receiving convenient email notifications for specific market changes they choose to follow, ensuring that they don’t miss any important fluctuations to key markets.

“We are constantly looking at ways to increase our offerings to Community Participation airlines," said John Murphy, president of core business of ATPCO

"Last year we added Express Contracts as an included benefit, and in 2024 we are pleased to announce the launch of Architect Query, at no additional cost to our airline members.

“We believe that by utilisiing the capabilities of Architect, more airlines will understand the variety of data available for effortlessly viewing competitive information. 

"This will support data-driven pricing strategies, allowing them to leverage additional capabilities as their business needs evolve.”