AirHelp unveils new benefits in latest update to AirHelp+ memberships

AirHelp unveils new benefits in latest update to AirHelp+ memberships

There are now two options

Travel tech company supporting passengers with flight disruptions has revealed its upgraded AirHelp+ subscription. It now offers two-tiered memberships Smart and Pro. 

AirHelp+ Smart is €39.99 per year, which includes savings on eSIMs, car rentals, airport lounge access for three trips, AirPayout for three years of €100 per trip and AirlUggage for three trips of €100 per trip.

AirHelp+ Pro, which is €99.99 per year, includes the same but nine airport lounge access and nine AirPayouts and AirLuggage pay outs. 

Tomasz Pawliszyn, CEO of AirHelp, said: “We strive to bring passengers the smoothest travel experience possible through providing valuable and relevant benefits to support them when flights are disrupted. 

"With one in four flights delayed, passengers risk losing time and money through disruptions and should be best prepared for when travels do not go according to plan.

“The AirHelp+ memberships have been developed based on an increased focus on the passenger experience, with 6.5 million passengers choosing AirHelp+ protection already.

" Compensation is no longer enough to make up for lost time and money, and the stress of disruptions. We want to ensure passengers can have the best experience possible - from the moment they arrive at the airport to when they return home after their trip."

He said: "The new AirHelp+ memberships provide all passengers with the protection, comfort, and assistance they need while ensuring they get the compensation they are owed - without the hassle and management fees.”