SiteMinder launches its platform on mobile at ITB 2024

SiteMinder launches its platform on mobile at ITB 2024

Previously you couldn't access its platform via mobile

Hotel reservations software provider SiteMinder has revealed you can now access its platform via mobile, on its newly launched mobile app. 

Launched at ITB Berlin, Aimee Olley, revenue product consultant of SiteMinder will present a keynote about what the release means for the world’s hotels.

The launch of the firm's mobile app is just the first phase of the delivery of its smart platform, set to launch later this year.

Available in eight lanauges, it follows a Beta period which saw more than 800 users in over 60 countries sign up in spite of no marketing or promotion. 

The mobile app will provide easily-accessible personalised overview of two weeks of rooms sold, revenue earned and best performing distribution channels.

Users can then respond to real-time booking demand by executing time-sensitive revenue management functions in-app, including instant rate and availability adjustments, minimum and maximum stay length adjustments, and room sale closures until pricing fully optimised.

Leah Rankin, chief product officer of SiteMinder, said SiteMinder’s mobile app is a response to the thousands of hoteliers who for years have been accessing the company’s platform for desktop from their mobile device. 

"The release of SiteMinder’s platform on mobile is about ensuring they and all accommodation providers have the continuous ability to maximise their property’s revenue performance and take rapid action to avert risks," said Rankin.

“We are living in a new era of travel that brings with it new booking patterns and behaviours. Never before have hoteliers had to be so dynamic in their response to an unpredictable booking landscape.

"Speed-to-market can now mean the difference between thousands upon thousands of revenue gained or revenue lost. That is why today, the power of SiteMinder, which for more than 41,000 hotels last year generated over US$45 billion in revenue from more than 115 million reservations, is officially in our customers’ hands."

“Without any marketing or promotion, we saw significant early signup volumes to our mobile app, which indicated the real need and demand for a mobile-optimised experience. It’s an experience where hoteliers can execute their end-to-end revenue management and marketing strategies at speed, when on the move."

She added: "It’s also where trusted data ensures they don’t miss out on ultra time-sensitive revenue opportunities, like demand-driving public events or changes in competitors’ pricing, and where errors can be fixed within seconds, before any monetary or reputational damage occurs. 

These are capabilities that have traditionally felt too complex and large scale to execute, even on desktop. But this is the new era of dynamic revenue management, and mobility is at the heart of it.”

Adds Encarni Ogea Bermúdez, director of Costa Azul Hostel, Spain, said: “The mobile app is super practical, fast and easy-to-use. It allows me to instantly visualise key information, like availability and minimum stays, from the palm of my hand.”