SIHOT launches check-in and check-out self-serve kiosks for hotel operators

SIHOT launches check-in and check-out self-serve kiosks for hotel operators

Devices developed in response to demand for greater automation and efficiencies

Hospitality technology developer SIHOT has launched physical kiosks for hotel partners to offer a self-service digital check-in and check-out service.

The firm said SIHOT.KIOSK provides a fully digitalised and secure experience while automating hotel operations.

The kiosk software is connected to SIHOT’s Property Management System, and the system can be customised to the hotel’s brand and lobby interior.

Guests can use their booking confirmation details including reservation number, GDS or QR codes to complete the data requirements for check-in registration and confirm the hotel’s terms and conditions.

SIHOT.KIOSK also features an AdriaScan ID reader for the immediate, automatic transfer of text-data from personal IDs and passports into the hotel management system.

On completion of the registration process, the terminal generates a room key card for the guest.

Hotels can also earn ancillary revenue by offering upgrade options, presenting the guest with room details including images and descriptions in various categories, while integrating other services, like breakfast or hotel transportation.

SIHOT.KIOSK has also been built to handle check-out, taking prepayment by credit or debit card with the guest receiving an invoice to their nominated email address.

Carsten Wernet, executive board member at SIHOT, said: “Guests are more digital savvy than ever before, and hotels need to ensure data is compliant and accessible.

“We’ve developed the kiosk system and terminal so hotels can tailor the check-in experience to each specific property to provide a full brand experience.

“We are continuously evolving our platforms to bring greater efficiencies to hotel operations so staff can focus on serving their guests rather than fulfilling processes.

“Hotels can benefit from our wide range of integrations to connect applications to elevate the guest experience.”