PKFARE launches Flight + Hotel package

PKFARE launches Flight + Hotel package

To boost its direct hotel contracting expansion across Asia

Global travel trade marketplace PKFARE has launched its Flight + Hotel package product to accelerate the expansion of its direct hotel contracting business. 

The firm is offering this new solution to hotels as it says by signing contracts direct with PKFARE and selling the Flight + Hotel, means hotels can expand into "new and diverse" distribution channels. 

Its "refined operations" is said to enhance hotel occupancy rates and overall revenue.

PKFARE has been dedicated to flight distribution for 10 years, and has a strong network of air-ticket supply and distribution, covering over 100 countries and more than 600 airlines, with over 2,000 active clients worldwide. 

This will form the basis for its hotel partners optimising business by forming comprehensive Flight + Hotel packages.

Currently, it has more than a dozen of clients utilising both PKFARE’s flight and hotel products. 

Besides OTA channels, business travel platforms, and travel agencies, PKFARE’s clients sharing flight and hotel services also include new booking platforms which have recently ventured into the hotel sector from flight bookings.

PKFARE, a DerbySoft company, benefits from the advantages of DerbySoft's leading hotel distribution and travel technology.  

"The direct hotel contracting business is an effective supplement to PKFARE’s existing hotel business," said Jason Song, president and founder of PKFARE. 

"The 'Flight + Hotel' package product can meet the higher requirements for distribution form, channels, and efficiency proposed by hotels, creating maximum value for the distribution of directly contracted hotels."

Since the beginning of 2024, PKFARE's direct hotel contracting business has quickly grown.

It alread y has direct contracts with hotel groups like Onyx, Ascott, Sojo, and Banyan Tree in Southeast Asia. 

It is expected to fully cover markets in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia by the end of this year.