HotelRunner joins the Connectivity Commercial Advisory Board

HotelRunner joins the Connectivity Commercial Advisory Board

Its director of demand has taken up the mantle

Director of demand at HotelRunner, Rıza Kaynak, has been appointed to the 2024-2026 Connectivity Commercial Advisory Board. 

This prestigious role underscores HotelRunner’s dedication and expertise within the hospitality industry, aligning perfectly with the strategic direction and ongoing partnership with leading industry organizations.

The board plays a pivotal role in enhancing partnerships by establishing a dedicated platform for connecting and discussing various topics. 

The platform facilitates a comprehensive understanding of the industry's evolving needs and trends, enabling the board to contribute significantly to ongoing improvements and adaptations within the industry.

Representing the brand, Kaynak will share his extensive expertise to address industry challenges. 

The primary goals are to gain deeper insights into new technologies and trends and to align HotelRunner's goals with these developments.

"I am honored to be considered for such a distinguished role within our industry," said Kaynak. 

"I look forward to actively contributing to the board, sharing insights, and collaborating with fellow industry leaders to advance hospitality technologies."

This role on the board is an opportunity to actively participate and contribute to "meaningful" discussions and projects. 

HotelRunner’s experience in the travel and hospitality industry is said will help develop effective strategies and push for adopting innovative technologies that benefit HotelRunner’s partners and improve operational efficiency.

In 2019, the Founders and Managing Partners of HotelRunner, Ali Beklen and Arden Agopyan joined the board, where stakeholders collaborated to share, discuss, and implement ideas, strategies, and trends that drive growth and profitability.

This appointment is expected to foster significant partnerships and bring fresh ideas that will benefit the entire industry. 

It follows the recent news of HotelRunner named as Premier Connectivity Partner by for the 10th consecutive year.