Hospitable partners with property operations specialist Breezeway

Hospitable partners with property operations specialist Breezeway

The partnership aims to level the playing field for self-managed property hosts

Holiday rental software provider Hospitable has announced it has partnered with property operations specialist Breezeway, bringing its operations in line with some of the biggest management companies.

The joint-venture marks the first time Breezeway has integrated with a Property Management Software (PMS) dedicated to owners managing rentals autonomously without the help of a third-party property manager.

According to the team at Hospitable, hosts can now sync reservation and listing data from its PMS directly into the operations platform, allowing for real-time management of their rentals.

“Self-managers are the backbone of the vacation rental industry, but they often struggle to professionalise their business and services simply because they don’t have the resources to compete with larger rental managers,” said Hospitable Founder / CEO Pierre-Camille Hamana.

“Through our integration with Breezeway, hosts can sync their data with professional-grade operational tools, boosting the ease and efficiency of their day-to-day management. 

“Such a big part of running a rental is managing back-of-house operations, which can be time-consuming and expensive if you’re a solo host with limited resources,” he said. “Giving self-managers the option to automate their operations, from organising cleaners to scheduling maintenance, is going to be a game-changer.” 

Breezeway boss Jeremy Gall said the partnership was all about raising the standards and elevating the quality of the vacation rental market. 

“Every stay, whether it’s managed by a property management company or singular host, should offer the highest standards of quality and cleanliness. It also shouldn’t be a total headache to manage a rental by yourself,” he noted.

“Partnering with a PMS that champions self-managers means we’re bringing operational tools to the fingertips of so many hosts who have previously lacked the resources to drive the same level of quality, through their operations, as the larger property managers. 

“We believe hosts should have access to the tools they need to efficiently manage their operations whether they own one rental or 20.”