Fastpayhotels to use Triometric’s analytics and business intelligence tools to drive growth

Fastpayhotels to use Triometric’s analytics and business intelligence tools to drive growth

Spanish start-up established disruptive distribution business model in 2015

Spanish hotel distribution intermediary Fastpayhotels has struck a deal with Triometric to power its growth plans.

The firm will use Triometric’s API-based business intelligence technology and analytics to provide insights into search and booking traffic.

Fastpayhotels, established in 2015 by former Lowcost Travel Group COO Alex Gisbert, will use Triometric’s Trio analytics platform.

Triometric said this will give it “clear visibility into its operational performance while benefiting from deep insights into its customer buying patterns, inventory availability and supply chain management”.

Fastpayhotels has established a disruptive business model based on full payment to hotel partners at the time of booking.

The company promises improved cash flow and zero risk for its 26,645 hotel partners in 78 countries, and claims to be able to access “unbeatable” hotel rates for its customers.

Elodie Leunen chief operating officer, chief technology officer and co-founder at Fastpayhotels, said: “Fastpayhotels is committed to continuous investment in technology to ensure that our hotel distribution operation runs optimally and we can analyse our search traffic to in turn drive value for our 15,240 customers worldwide.

“By choosing Triometric will fulfil the potential that real-time intelligence will give us to support our global expansion.”

Jonathan Boffey, business development director at Triometric, added: “Triometric is delighted that this client relationship provides a completely new level of distribution visibility for Fastpayhotels. It’s also fantastic that we have added support for the industry leading Juniper platform”.

Triometric and Fastpayhotels have identified the key metrics and business intelligence data needed to support performance and commercial objectives.

Due to the Triometric partnership Fastpayhotels will be able to track a full range of key API performance indicators, including critical response times and timeouts in real-time.

Service interruptions and latency issues will be flagged to Fatspayhotels’ technical team through alerts, reports and dashboards, enabling them to respond rapidly.

Intelligence reports will provide insight into search and booking traffic covering error reporting, search and booking patterns to help with inventory planning and customer acquisition.

Tiometric said: “As a disruptive innovative company, the Fastpayhotels founders recognise the value of investing in and using their data to increase market penetration Fastpayhotel’s choice of the Trio Enterprise XML analytics platform complements this distribution environment perfectly.

“Trio Enterprise is highly adaptable to the different operating needs and environments and can be configured to monitor all XML traffic, regardless of booking platform.”