Dtravel lists 200,000 properties in first 30 days

Dtravel lists 200,000 properties in first 30 days

Former Airbnb and Expedia executives set up company last month

Home sharing platform Dtravel.com has secured more than 200,000 properties across more than 2,000 cities within 30 days of its launch.

Former executives from Airbnb, Expedia, and other travel technology companies, who set up the company last month, aim to list more than a million vacation rentals before July 2022.

Listings comprise of large property managers – such as In Residence and Ministry of Villas – and individual hosts.

Dtravel claims it is acquiring hosts at a rate 120 times faster than Airbnb, which took two and a half years to have 50,000 listed properties.

The decentralised platform added more partnerships are being finalised and will be announced soon.

Luke Kim, marketing lead at Dtravel, said: “The next generation of hosts want a true sharing economy, not a shareholder economy.

“Dtravel is the opposite of a centralized company; decision making power and value within the platform are shared by members of the community, meaning hosts and guests.”

Pieter Brundyn, In Residence chief executive, said: “Dtravel gives eager hosts what has been missing to date: control and ownership over the booking experience.”

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