Docyt partners with Scarlet Connect to help hotels manage reputation

Docyt partners with Scarlet Connect to help hotels manage reputation

Docyt Partners with Scarlet Connect to Help Hotels Manage Reputation Effectively

AI-powered accounting automation platform Docyt has announce a strategic partnership with hotel management solution Scarlet Connect. 

The partnership aims to bring a "seamless and comprehensive approach" to hotel reputation management. 

Scarlet Connect’s approach focuses on generating positive guest reviews on public sites while catching negative guest sentiment through internal guest surveys and proactive communication before they happen.

With the addition of Scarlet Connect, Docyt now has the capability to retrieve and monitor guest sentiment data automatically. 

This capability enables Docyt's customers to make informed data-driven decisions with access to real-time insights conveniently displayed on a centralized dashboard. 

The ease of tracking financial and non-financial metrics in a single view streamlines data gathering, making it easy for hoteliers and their staff to understand a hotel’s business performance.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Scarlet Connect on this innovative endeavor," said Sugam Pandey, CTO and co-funder of Docyt.

"This partnership further enhances our accounting automation platform by providing a proactive solution for hotels to protect their brand by managing public scores and reviews, which is critical in today's digital landscape."

Pandey added: “Our open platform approach and ongoing partnerships with innovative companies with deep expertise in hospitality like Scarlet Connect will pave the way for specialized value for specific verticals, setting new benchmarks for customer satisfaction and experience." 

Seth Kines, CEO of Scarlet Connect, said: "We believe that partnering with Docyt is a significant step in the right direction for our vision of revolutionizing the hospitality industry.

"Docyt's accounting automation expertise complements our Guest Messaging and Reputation Management solutions, and together, we can offer a powerful solution that addresses the needs of hoteliers effectively."