Coronavirus: Siteminder provides hotels insight into booking data with World Hotel Index

Coronavirus: Siteminder provides hotels insight into booking data with World Hotel Index

Insights from 35,000 customers and 400 channels made available for first time

Global channel manager SiteMinder is making trends seen its data available for the first time so hotels can determine when guests are likely to return following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The firm’s propriety data can track global hotel bookings from among its 35,000 customers and through more than 400 booking channels.

SiteMinder said its World Hotel Index provides “never-before-seen insight into when guests are likely to return to hotels after the COVID-19 pandemic”.

The firm has also announced that snapshots and analyses from the index are available at HomeForHotels, an initiative it has launched in partnership with Airbnb, EasyWay, Hotelkit, InnQuest, Oaky, Preno and RoomPriceGenie.

The site is offering hotel professionals information, engagement, advocacy and a hub where hotels can share real life stories, find booking pattern data and access other vital resources to get them through the crisis.

Siteminder’s free to access World Hotel Index is refreshed daily to show how current hotel booking volumes in all major tourist destinations are changing when compared to the previous year.

Data is available at a global, country and city level to provide insight into both macro and local trends, and cater for the market-specific intelligence that hoteliers, hotel investors and travel professionals need as governments stagger travel restrictions internationally.

Mike Ford, founder and managing director at SiteMinder, said: “A lot of data exists around travel bookings, but nothing is available around hotel booking momentum specifically, and at the speed and scale that SiteMinder is uniquely positioned to provide.

“In this period of huge uncertainty, our customers are seeking a light at the end of this very dark tunnel and we know it will come at different times, as cities and nations begin to lift travel restrictions.

“The traditional performance indicators around hotel performance have no relevance in a world where hotels have minimal business coming in, if at all.

“Accommodation providers have always stood as the lifeblood of the travel and hospitality industries, and they will resume that role again once the COVID-19 crisis has passed.

“The World Hotel Index gives them the chance to prepare for their future guests by anticipating when that time will come and looking to other markets as guides in the meantime.”