Boostly partners with I-PRAC to elevate trust in direct bookings

Boostly partners with I-PRAC to elevate trust in direct bookings

It will improve the STR market's trust and verification

Hospitality solutions provider Boostly has announced it is now the exclusive website design agency partner of I-PRAC (International Property Rental Approval Certification)/

The partnership is set to inject trust and verification into direct booking websites.  

It will see thousands of managers with Boostly websites earn I-PRAC verification, demonstrating to customers that their properties are secure, protected from fraud, and that the property meets high standards of quality and safety. 

The accreditation is awarded once STR properties and its owners have been vetted for identity, property ownership and business integrity. This is to ensure they operate a legitimate and trustworthy rental business. 

The collaboration introduces a 'Trust Page' on Boostly websites, enhanced by I-PRAC's certification, which guarantees protection against fraud and substandard hospitality. 

Guests will be fully compensated should any problems arise with an I-PRAC verified property, when a booking is registered through I-PRAC’s website first. 

I-PRAC says there is currently no such guarantee offered even by leading OTAs including Airbnb’s AirCover, nor by the largest hotel chains. 

Those with a Boostly direct booking website will also benefit from ongoing support from I-PRAC’s content team to maximise direct bookings and exclusive access to a bespoke version of 'The Trustology,' the industry’s only and most comprehensive guide to ‘trust marketing’. 

Boostly’s website clients will also be gifted an exclusive copy of the ‘Trustology, by I-PRAC. 

This will be the industry’s only and most comprehensive guide about trust marketing and is worth thousands - Boostly’s clients will be of the few select communities who will have access to it for free.

Hosts will learn how to embed trust signals throughout their direct booking website, incorporating elements and features into their website that help convey the "credibility, legitimacy, and reliability" of the STR host to potential guests.

Chris Maughan, CEO and founder of I-PRAC, said: “After decades of phenomenal success in the STR industry, I know that the biggest thing missing from the majority of direct bookings’ websites is trust signals. 

"Having an attractive looking website isn’t enough to distract guests from well-known OTAs. 

"As I’ve been educating others about for years, a high-converting direct bookings’ website is built off the back of a solid understanding of trust marketing - naturally, I-PRAC verification is a core part of this," he said.

“The results speak for themselves - and I cannot wait to see how Boostly’s clients will benefit from this new partnership offer. 

"Mark and his team have built a brilliant community of STR hosts, and I greatly admire what they’ve achieved - it’s now time to take things up a notch in the mission to increase trust and direct bookings. 

"We don’t take partnerships lightly at I-PRAC and I look forward to a long-term and mutually valuable working relationship with Boostly.”

Neely Khan, managing director of I-PRAC, added: “This partnership is one of the most exciting that the STR industry will see.

"I truly believe this is the only website solution that STR hosts will now need. We have all the prime components - including trust psychology, trust marketing, trust copywriting, website design and development - and will be the first and only brands to bring them under one roof.” 

“The uptake on Boostly’s websites has been mind-blowing over the last two years," said Mark Simpson, founder of Boostly. 

"We’re delivering more high-converting websites than any other website agency in the landscape and are helping hosts generate millions in direct bookings in the process. 

"Since the successful launch of Boostly’s 2.0 Website, we’ve wanted to give our clients even more of a competitive edge, that’ll help them cut the cord from OTAs."

He added: "This partnership with I-PRAC really is a powerful way to do this - the best part is, it’s exclusive to Boostly’s website clients – no other website agency in the STR industry will offer this – so our growing community is going to benefit a great deal.” 

Laura Powner, Managing Director at Boostly, said: “Our partnership with I-PRAC will allow us to educate our clients around trust signals; psychology, marketing and copywriting which will boost their direct bookings like never before.” 

Boostly customers can access a two-year I-PRAC Approved Membership for the price of just one in Spring.