introduces sustainability badge to highlight eco-friendly hotels introduces sustainability badge to highlight eco-friendly hotels

The OTA will endorse properties which are ‘credibly recognised’ for sustainability efforts claims it is making it easier for customers to stay at hotels properties which are “credibly recognised” for their sustainability efforts.

A newly-introduced sustainable travel badge is applicable to a wide range of property types, “which is adaptable to local realities and considerations”.

The initiative was unveiled as research found that:

  • 70% of UK travellers expect the industry to offer more sustainable options
  • 55% believe there are not enough sustainable travel options available
  • 63% would be more likely to choose a specific accommodation if they knew it was implementing sustainable practices
  • 64% of UK travellers want to stay in a sustainable accommodation in the next year

The company’s ambition is to create a universal and transparent measure for sustainable property information across the industry.

With more than 28 million listings on, the firm aims to showcase more of the “impactful efforts” accommodation partners are taking.

“While significant investments are needed to reach net zero by 2050 (€768 billion), the research findings highlight that many accommodations have already implemented a range of carbon emissions measures,” said.

“With adoption levels of the most efficient available technologies and practices varying between 30% and 70%, there is significant opportunity for improvement.”

The framework will continue to be developed with further consultation and advice from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). sustainability director Marianne Gybels said: “Building a truly sustainable travel industry will take time, co-ordination and concerted effort, but progress is possible through continued innovation, partner support and industry collaboration.

“With our Travel Sustainable badge and programme, we are recognising the sustainability efforts of a broader range of properties around the world in a credible and transparent way for consumers.

“In addition to encouraging properties to strive towards achieving the Travel Sustainable badge, we believe it’s important to demonstrate that there is a spectrum for sustainability and that there is value in showcasing the growing number of properties that are at various stages on their individual sustainability journeys.

“Displaying the practices they have in place makes it easier for everyone to make a more informed and hopefully more sustainable choice for their next trip, no matter where they want to go. Thus also inspiring even more of our partners to take the next step to operate more sustainably.”

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