Abode Worldwide unveils 2024's Short-term Rental Tech Index

Abode Worldwide unveils 2024's Short-term Rental Tech Index

Report highlights technology's role in transforming property management in short-term rental industry

Hospitality public relations firm Abode Worldwide has released its inaugural Short-Term Rental Tech Index, which looks at the the tech tools shaping the sector to date. 

The guide is designed for those seeking to understand the extent to which software is solving the challenges faced by hosts, property managers and property management companies all over the world. 

The Short-term rental industry is characterised by its "complexity", requiring property managers to juggle multiple responsibilities, from guest communication to property maintenance, all while ensuring a seamless guest experience. 

Abode Worldwide's CEO, Jessica Gillingham, emphasises that, despite the allure of quick profits promoted by some, real success in Short-term rental property management demands a combination of "passion, dedication, and the right technological tools".

Property management software, operations platforms, guest experience tools and smart security systems are key areas of focus for the report. 

It also sheds light on emerging trends, such as the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

As the Short-term rental industry continues to evolve, Abode Worldwide have said it remains determined to highlight the technologies and innovators that are shaping its future. 

Gillingham said: “This report was years in the making and we hope it’s going to be invaluable to everyone in the industry, whether that’s investors, property managers, hosts or those technology providers looking for partners.

“It illustrates how the industry has become as technologically equipped as any other in the hospitality sector, with solutions that often surpass those of traditional lodging options.”