365Villas research highlights holiday rental owners want more access to performance data

365Villas research highlights holiday rental owners want more access to performance data

Data reveals 80% of owners actively use dashboard when offered

New research from PMS software firm 365Villas has revealed that holiday rental owners want more access to data on the performance of their properties.

Data analysis carried out in September by 365Villas on almost 3,000 customers, identified that only a third of property managers with fewer than 20 properties give owners a login to the owner dashboard. However, it found that 80% of owners actively use the dashboard when it is offered it.

The discrepancy in data sharing suggests property managers with smaller portfolios may be “missing out on the benefits of sharing detailed metrics on property performance with their clients”.

According to the data, 100% of 365Villas’ larger customers are providing owners with access to the dashboard, giving them valuable insight into KPIs, occupancy rates, ADR and RevPAR.

Information like this gives owners a much better awareness of the reasons why there is a decrease or increase in revenue, as well as how efficiently their properties are operating.

This can help inform conversations about further investment the property manager would like to recommend into renovations or improvements, to decorations and amenities at the property.

Property managers who provide owners with a login to the dashboard offer a transparent service, which 365Villas says opens up “broader” conversations between owners and managers, “creating a more valuable relationship with better outcomes”.

Dave Payette, founder and CEO of 365Villas, said: “Our data shows that all of our customers who have more than 100 properties are providing this level of information to property owners.

“Many of these companies will be established, professional operators and this level of owner engagement is one of the reasons they are so successful.

“Smaller property managers can begin to communicate with owners in this same way to develop their businesses and offer a next-level service that enables them to grow.”