365Villas becomes first vacation rental PMS provider to enable longer stays

365Villas becomes first vacation rental PMS provider to enable longer stays

It means holiday let property managers can now access serviced apartment sector

365Villas becomes first vacation rental PMS provider 

to enable longer stays — unlocking serviced apartment sector

Holiday rental property management software provider 365Villas has launched Long-Stay Logic, giving holiday rental managers the opportunity to switch between short and extended stays for the first time.

This also means that vacation rental

The property managers of the holiday lets can now begin to build inventory in the serviced apartment sector, opening up the vacation rental market to aparthotel operators.

Many hospitality operators outside vacation rentals have already responded to the rising demand for extended stays, which is anything over one month in length.

The holiday rental industry however has struggled to capitalise on this trend because the functionality of property management software hasn’t facilitated the periodic billing needed when guests stay over the medium and long-term. 

Until now, operators have had to override their STR software or manually input bookings if they wanted to offer longer stays which has consequences such as skewed automated reporting, accounting and rental agreement processing.

365Villas’ Long-Stay Logic enables managers to be able to do both long stay and short stays despite the nuances operationally. 

It allows them to be able to switch between upfront, online payments via an OTA and weekly or monthly payments for longer stays.

Dave Payette, founder and CEO of 365Villas, said: “It’s time for property management software to move away from asset-specific solutions to more holistic platforms that can cater to all types of rentals. 

"Managers overseeing short and long-term rentals have historically had to manage the portfolios as two completely separate entities, slowing down their operations and over complicating admin tasks with too much manual processing.

He added: "Long-Stay Logic gives managers the tools they need to cater for short, long, and extended stays. 

"It not only streamlines their workload but opens up a whole new addressable market. Managers can also develop their booking strategy, altering it in response to demand to serve both the vacation and long-stay rental sectors. 

"For example, properties can be used as vacation rentals in high-season and perform the role of student accommodation in the winter months.

“Developing this functionality meant we had to expand our payment processes but we now have the most robust and dynamic payment capabilities in the industry," he said.