TravelgateX start-up programme aims to support competition with sector giants

TravelgateX start-up programme aims to support competition with sector giants

The new TGX4Startup scheme is looking for early stage partners to support and scale

Palma-based travel tech connectivity specialist TravelgateX has launched a start-up programme to support small firms to compete with the global industry giants.

TGX4Startup will work with any partner looking for hotel product distribution through its API technology and big data analytics.

The firm said it aims to help start-ups to compete with the likes of or Expedia “by accelerating the incorporation of products for their clients in a simple and scalable way”.

TravelgateX believes the start-up scene in cities like Madrid and Barcelona in Spain and other regions of Europe like Paris, London and Berlin remains healthy despite COVID.

José Díaz, director of TGX4StartUP, said: “Innovation will be essential and those start-ups that focus their efforts on helping the sector face its future challenges will have a greater probability of succeeding.

“We want to help entrepreneurs and start-ups in the tourism industry to make a qualitative leap and successfully face changes in the demand for tourism services.”

TGX4Startup offers connectivity to start-ups and access to product to support their growth.

TravelgateX will provide technology support and expert marketplace guides to support the start-ups achieve a scalable partnership

The start-ups that register, once qualified, will access TravelgateX solutions for 12 months from their certification and be able to create their services by developing their API.

Interested start-ups or entrepreneurs can register for free on the platform’s website. They will receive guidance on how to use TravelgateX’s suite of technology solutions.

TravelgateX, chief technology officer Óscar Pérez, said its technology addresses three interconnected challenges: concurrency, scalability and stability.

“With our technology we must ensure that our platform is up and running 99.99% of the time,” he said.

“Partners, both buyers and sellers, can start using our technology in a few minutes, without wasting time.”

Chief information officer Carlos Tur added: “We have the needs in mind, and we are committed to working in technology and automation.

“We consider it very important to keep up to date with the new technologies that are emerging in order to be competitive both at a technical and cost level.”

TravelgateX connects more than 1,000 partners in the tourism industry, handles more than 3,000 million searches and completes more than 30,000 daily bookings, generating a business of €3,200 million in transactions.