New eDreams ODIGEO's research reveals 73% of consumers embrace AI for travel

New eDreams ODIGEO's research reveals 73% of consumers embrace AI for travel

The under-35 demographic is spearheading the era of digitally enabled travel

Travel subscription platform eDreams ODIGEO has unveiled new research which details how AI is transforming the travel experiences of global consumers today, catalysed by hyper-personalised experiences.

The external market research, commissioned by the Company, looked at 10,000 global shoppers to find there's a widespread endorsement and appreciation of AI among today's online shoppers, particularly among younger generations. 

The firm beleives this "further validates" its "early" commitment to an AI-first approach.

It found that the adoption of AI-powered tools among travellers is becoming increasingly common, with 73% of respondents globally saying they already use AI tools for travel-related tasks or would be interested in exploring them in the future.

The adoption rate rose to 86% for 18-24-year-olds and 84% for those aged 25-34, compared to 43% of over 65s, indicating that the future of travel will be very much grounded in AI as younger generations are far more accustomed to using AI tools for travel.

In the UK, 78% of consumers aged 18 to 24 and 70% of those between 25 and 34 years old are either already using AI-powered tools for their travel needs or are open to the idea of utilising them in the near future.

The data also revealed that consumers are increasingly recognising the role and value that technologies like AI play in personalising their online shopping experiences, regardless of product or service.  

Half of the global respondents stated they are fully or partially aware of AI's role in enhancing online experiences and highly appreciate the reduction of effort that it brings. 

This awareness and appreciation significantly increase among younger age groups, with 61% of 18-24 year-olds and 64% of those aged 25-34 expressing this sentiment. 

In contrast, 23% of those over 65 shared the same level of awareness and appreciation for AI.

While admitting they may not always notice AI’s behind-the-scenes work, almost a third of respondents (28%) still said they highly value its benefits in personalising online shopping experiences.

As well as being more inclined to use AI for travel, the research highlights how younger people exhibit greater awareness and appreciation of AI. 

Only a very small proportion of 18-24-year-olds globally (4%) said they do not believe in the potential of tech and AI to enhance the online shopping experience, compared to 18% of Baby Boomers.

In the UK, awareness of AI's influence on shopping experiences varies significantly with age: while 25% of respondents across all age groups report full or partial awareness, this number soars to 64% among 18-24-year-olds, compared to 12% of those over 65s. 

This increased recognition of the transformative potential of AI, together with greater adoption of AI tools for travel, indicates that Millennials and Gen Z’s are spearheading the era of digitally enabled travel, providing a fascinating insight into what will matter most to travellers in decades to come.

Dana Dunne, CEO of eDreams ODIGEO, said: “Over a decade ago, in an era when AI for travel was hardly thought of, we boldly ventured into this space, driven by our commitment to innovation. 

"Our early investment in integrating AI into e-commerce has since established us as recognised pioneers and has enabled us to explore more intelligent, personalised, and exciting ways for people to discover the world. 

"Our achievements to date set the stage for what we will see in the years to come as AI allows us to continue reimagining the art of the possible. 

"The latest market research findings corroborate our early commitment to AI, aligning with the preferences and expectations of today’s young travellers — the vanguard of a new AI era. 

"Young travellers today are the first generation of a new AI age, which means they have completely different horizons for what exceptional travel experiences should look like. 

"It is the expectations of this generation that will determine what our industry looks like in 25 years and we are proud to be leading this with such innovative features and services for travellers.”