Live chat specialist Yomdel teams up with Just a Drop for fundraising campaign

Live chat specialist Yomdel teams up with Just a Drop for fundraising campaign

Firm’s clients will be invited to ‘drip’ in just 1p per live chat

Yomdel, a leading UK platform provider for managed live chat, is to raise money for travel industry charity Just a Drop thanks to a new partnership.

Just a Drop works to bring sustainable safe water, sanitation and hygiene projects to communities and destinations around the world.

Under the Spend a Penny campaign, Yomdel clients in property, travel, financial services and many more will be invited to ‘drip’ in just 1p per live chat to a Just a Drop fund.

Just a Drop said this is an affordable way to help make a real difference to vulnerable people. Yomdel has vowed to match funds to boost donations.

The firm has also deployed its 24/7 managed live chat service for free on the Just a Drop website to generate more direct donations and capture other enquiries.

Both organisations have close ties to the travel sector, with Just a Drop being supported by many key travel brands having been founded by former World Travel Market managing director Fiona Jeffery, OBE.

Yomdel is also member of the Institute for Travel and Tourism. Founder Andy Soloman said: “We’re thrilled to have joined up with Just a Drop, who have some amazing projects around the world.

“We’re now in the third decade of the 21st century and it is simply wrong that a child somewhere dies every two minutes from a water-related disease.”

“Our new ‘Spend a Penny’ campaign is very affordable to everyone, and we believe it is a way our wonderful clients can help support the amazing work Just a Drop does.

“We currently deliver around 1.2 million chats per year, so If enough of our partners contribute this could add up to be a sizeable sum.”

Jeffery said: “At Just a Drop, we are delighted to be involved in Yomdel’s ‘Spend a Penny’ initiative.

“We are an organisation which genuinely changes and improves lives and Yomdel’s support will play a big part in this and make a world of difference going forward.”

“I’ve always believed that from small acorns grow oak trees and our partnership with Yomdel’s ‘Spend a Penny’ campaign is a true testament to that,” she added.

In the UK Yomdel is a market leader in the property sector in which it works with 4,000 estate agents. It is now targeting the travel sector for growth in the UK and Australia.

The firm said it believes that “in a civilised world access to clean water and sanitation is a fundamental human right”.

The World Health Organisation estimates 785 million people globally don’t have access to clean water, with around two billion people reliant on drinking water sources contaminated with faeces.

During 2019, Just a Drop work made a different to 165,753 people across Africa, Asia and Latin America with projects for safe water, sanitation and hygiene.