HomeToGo launches ‘AI mode’ for travellers looking to make curated rental bookings

HomeToGo launches ‘AI mode’ for travellers looking to make curated rental bookings

Integration aims to give travellers a simple, bespoke booking experience

HomeToGo, the holiday rental search engine, has just launched its ‘AI Mode’ - a tailored way for customers to find vacation rentals and travel destinations using the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

There is an increased demand for AI integration into the travel sector. According to research by HomeToGo, more than three-quarters (76%) of US travellers would consider using conversational AI to help them plan a trip.

Based on the same research, 42% of US travellers said they spend an hour or more searching for accommodation when planning a holiday.

Using generative AI, the product offers more personalised recommendations to travellers in a written conversation format. Modes has been built to understand guests’ needs and deliver a simple, fast and bespoke alternative based on the requirements of individual travellers.

HomeToGo is the first to test and launch a product like this in the vacation rental space. While the product is still in its early stages, the company says it is learning and improving every day. For partners, benefits include access to higher qualified leads.

“HomeToGo’s AI Mode is a pioneer product in the next generation of search and booking experiences in travel, built completely in house by our brilliant tech team,” said Simon Matthews, leading technology, data and OSS at HomeToGo.

“The product combines our tech’s long history with machine learning and our ambition to provide travellers with a premier user experience.

“AI Mode is the ultimate tool for travellers looking for a more curated search experience, by enabling them to describe their uniquely ideal rentals and destinations in their own words and surfacing their best matches from our unparalleled selection.

“It minimises the cognitive load of organising a trip so HomeToGo travellers can now truly enjoy every part of their vacation, especially the planning.”

AI Mode has launched in beta on the HomeToGo app from July 19th 2023 (iOS and Android) for users in the US and UK, with additional rollout to follow.