Heathrow Express launches upgrade to Google Maps partnership

Heathrow Express launches upgrade to Google Maps partnership

Rail operator and Distribusion Technologies has upgraded API to offer journey planner ticketing

Rail operator Heathrow Express has launched a new partnership with Google Maps to offer information on journey times and fast access to tickets.

The collaboration uses the Google Maps journey planner and mobile payments such as Apple Pay enabling a transaction to be completed in under a minute.

Heathrow Express provides a dedicated service for air passengers and the fastest route between central London and the UK’s hub airport.

Using an upgraded API Portal Heathrow Express has built on its relationship with Distribusion Technologies to enable ticketing functionality within the Google Maps journey planner.

Karan Suri, Heathrow Express commercial strategy lead, said: “Speed and convenience is crucial to Heathrow Express customers and this development offers an excellent customer journey for new and regular Heathrow passengers.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Google Maps, which is the most used smartphone app in the world, and we will continue to drive forward new digital opportunities with a diverse range of global partners to ensure international passengers know and choose Heathrow Express as the fastest route from the airport into central London and a clean, convenient and an environmentally responsible way to finish or begin an international trip.”