Eviivo and RateGain reveal travel trends and destinations for this summer

Eviivo and RateGain reveal travel trends and destinations for this summer

eviivo and RateGain break down the most significant travel trends for this summer

eviivo has collaborated with partner RateGain, to offer key data insights determining the top travel trends in Europe and the UK for this summer, based on internal eviivo data.

Through its recent data analysis using Adara, one of the world’s largest travel data platforms, the collaboration found the market is projected to grow by 20% in 2023, reaching pre-pandemic levels by the end of the year. 

Popular destinations in Europe have already surpassed pre-covid travel figures while the popularity of domestic and regional travel is back with the resurgence of business travel and the continued demand for leisure travel. 

Beyond these factors driving growth in the European travel market, a high demand for leisure travel also came from the U.S, which enjoyed a strong purchasing power with a strong USD.

Nights booked for Q2 in Europe are up 15.4% and ADR has increased by 13.2% year-on-year, jumping from €125.17 to €141.64. 

Occupancy is also up 10.2%, while RevPAR has increased by 24.7%. 

“We have certainly seen tremendous growth of bookings and reservations from our hoteliers, hosts and property owners, many who have rooms booked for several weeks straight through summer,” says Michele Fitzpatrick, CEO of eviivo.

“After three years of Covid, travellers have saved money, booked business and leisure trips as far back as winter based on our data, and now, they have the perfect weather for their travels in inspiring places throughout Europe.”

Business travel is also regaining its position pre-pandemic levels with many businesses keen to resume face-to-face meetings and build relationships with clients. 

He added: “The ‘work from roam’ generation is helping accelerate business travel in an extraordinary way.”

Some of the other findings include Germany emerging as an important business destination for EMEA and Portugal as the top destination for travellers this summer, based on RateGain international inbound flight bookings for June-August this year. 

Other top destinations include Spain, Italy and the UK.

Lisbon came in as the top European city this summer by international arrivals, for both business and leisure, with London, Paris and Barcelona in second, third and fourth spot.

The post-pandemic world has also given way to changed traveller preferences and demands.

Travellers are now bringing their pets, with "pet friendly” as one of the top-searched filters on booking sites).